First Level and First playable version!

Hi everyone! I Just finished the first playable version of a project I've been working on recently 

It is called "A Glider's Journey" and it is a simple short Airplane gliding game :)

There is only one level currently, but I'll certainly work on adding more in the future.

Changelog (or more like "Things already done" since it's my first devlog)

  • Flight physics (press F1 to see the debug arrows)
  • Three types of Boost pickups (only the first two are currently in the game)
  • One "Slow time" pickup, almost ready, need the sound cue for it.
  • First level is ready
  • End of level goal + level switching is also done

To do list (no promises, this is a vague list of things I want to do)

  • A desert biome
  • A Plain biome
  • More levels using the newer biomes listed above

To see upcoming levels and features coming to life, and more frequent updates, follow me on twitter :)

Files 143 MB
Version 2 May 25, 2019 143 MB
Version 1 Apr 26, 2019

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