June Devlog, Steam Release Announcment!

First Off,  A Glider's Journey is coming on steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1102500/A_Gliders_Journey

This is the last update of "A Glider's journey" on itch.io as I'll be focusing on the steam version coming for September!

Also this update will completely break any old save file you had before from the first or second itch.io prototypes.

Here's a rundown of what has changed in the game during the month of June:

Gameplay / Content

  • New Levels: 5, 6 and 7.
  • Unique soundtracks for levels  1-5
  • Now all checkpoints must be collected before going to the landing zone
  • Changed minimum sensitivity to 0.4 and maximum to 5.4
  • Added Game pad rumble + a force feedback intensity setting in the general settings menu
  • Added "Very Easy" (relaxing) mode:
    • Faked physics, no stall, no spin, no drag.
    • Can go back around if a checkpoint is missed
    • Can explore the world
    • Colliding with landscape still kills the player
  • New boost pickup sound, more in tune with the music
  • Chinese, Russian, Spanish translations added.


  • Rounded sensitivity to 0.05 (displayed value + slider and saved values)
  • Level 1: Changed second class 3 Boost (orange) to a class 2 Boost (green)
  • Level 3: redone the climb inside the rings part to make it less impossibly hard.


  • Reworked the levels thumbnails for the select menu
  • Added Material effects on Elevons to indicate the checkpoint collection progress:
    • Completely white: No checkpoint collected
    • Partially white/red: Some checkpoints collected (amount of red indicate % collected)
    • Completely green: All checkpoints collected
  • Added Material effects on The Landing Zone also indicating if everything has been collected
  • Tweaked the main menu scene colors and lighting a bit
  • added a proper game icon
  • Added Fmod splashsceen + animated logo
  • Added quick shrinking animation to the boost pickups

Known bugs:

  • if you crash the plane on a moving obstacle, the level won't restart automatically. In this case use the "restart level" button in the pause menu.
  • You can find ways to fly under the map in level 7. Probably won't change that.


flyingproject-windows-64-last-update.zip 420 MB
Version 1 Jun 25, 2019
flyingproject-windows-32-last-update.zip 397 MB
Version 1 Jun 25, 2019

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